Do I need carpet padding?

If you wonder if you need to purchase padding when you upgrade your carpeting, the answer is an emphatic 'yes!' Padding, also called underlayment, protects the carpet from the impact of footsteps. Without it, your carpet will quickly become worn. You can find the latest carpet styles as well as high-quality padding at Herb's Carpet & Tile, a carpet store in Fremont, Michigan. Our family-owned full-service flooring company was established in 1980.

All about padding

Padding is a piece of material that's specifically designed to be placed under a carpet. Correct density, weight, thickness, or height of the material is determined by the type of carpet you choose and the amount of foot traffic in the space. Along with maximum durability, padding provides thermal insulation, improved acoustics, comfort underfoot, and noise reduction between levels of the home. You may need moisture barrier padding in the basement.

Types of padding

Foam and fiber carpet pads are available. Foam padding is usually made from recycled material that comes from the furniture and automotive industries. If it's labeled as 'prime,' the padding is new material. Polyurethane foam is the most common type of padding used for residential applications. Prevalent memory foam padding, which is soft and comfortable, is best for low-traffic areas. Fiber padding is made from materials such as polyester, felt, and nylon.

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