Regardless of style, maximum durability is ensured when choosing a high-quality carpet and underlayment to support it. The first factor to consider when you're comparing carpet samples is the type of fiber. Secondly, you have a choice between loop pile and cut pile styles. Herb's Carpet & Tile, a carpet store in Fremont, Michigan, offers a large selection of both types of carpeting.


Nylon has been the most popular carpet fiber for decades. However, since 2009, this resilient fiber has had a 'competitor' in the 'most durable carpet fiber' category. Triexta is inherently stain-resistant, while nylon is treated for stain resistance. Water-resistant olefin is excellent for basements, and vibrant-colored polyester is best for a low-traffic area like a bedroom. 

Loop vs. cut pile

Manufacturers loop fibers onto a backing to create carpeting. Loop pile styles, which are defined by their density and the height of the fibers, can be cut at the tips to create cut pile styles. Saxony is a formal-looking cut pile style that is composed of fibers that stand straight up. Casual-looking frieze styles are made up of tightly twisted piles that lie in multiple directions. The most extended types are called 'shag.'


Patterned carpet, which is created with loops that are different sizes, is a textured style. Level loop carpet is also called Berber. The carpet looks similar to the weaving type of the Berber people of North Africa. This tough and resilient floor covering is usually light in color with brown or gray flecks. Because of the tightness of the loops, the carpet is not as soft as cut pile styles.

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