Since carpet provides warmth, cushioning, and comfort, it is an ideal flooring choice for parents. Further, most carpets are stain-resistant, so liquid spills stay close to the surface where they are easy to remove.

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Nylon and triexta

Nylon has been the go-to fiber for homeowners looking for maximum durability for decades. However, since 2009, homeowners have also been able to choose carpet styles made of soft and attractive triexta, a fiber that is proving to be as tough as nylon.

Highly stain-resistant brands, ideal for pet owners and active families, are often composed of one of these materials.


Less expensive polyester floor covering is known for its suitability for low traffic areas, superb color intensity, lush softness, fade resistance, and very high luster appearance.

If you're designing a bedroom in a manner that allows a teen's personality to shine through, polyester is a great choice. In addition, this eco-friendly flooring is made, in part, of recycled beverage bottles.

Layered look

A layered carpet provides a comfortable place to play, a cushion for falls or older children, and a cozy place to lounge.

A large rug is placed over wall-to-wall carpeting, and under a couch, recliner, and entertainment center, or small rugs are laid in front of a fireplace or comfy chairs. This is a great way to add color and texture to room decor.

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