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Flooring installation in Fremont

The best way to get top quality results in the Fremont area is to choose the right professional installation company. That's why you need to check out Herb's Carpet and Tile. Our installers have years of experience installing laminate, hardwood, tile, carpet, and vinyl. Herb's Carpet and Tile offers a speedy installation service for local residents in Fremont, Newaygo and Holton and the surrounding communities. Now you can locate reliable installation services in your neighborhood. It is time to turn to the professionals at Herb's Carpet and Tile.

At Herb's Carpet and Tile you can get your brand new floors installed and stay within your budget. Your home remodeling project will look fantastic when you deal with the pros. We provide the best service in Fremont and pride ourselves on the quality of our work as well as our customer service. Read on to see what you can expect when working with Herb's Carpet and Tile.

What we offer you

Remodeling your home may seem like a big task, but we try to make this process as stress-free as possible. Trying to install new flooring yourself may seem like a good idea at first too -- but it is best left to the professionals. There is no need to paying for the job twice or having someone come in to fix flooring that was installed improperly. Herb's Carpet and Tile aims to help you take this project and make it as manageable as possible. It is important for you to have a knowledgeable company and go-to person during remodeling projects, which is why sticking with us is so critical. All of our installers have years of experience installing a variety of flooring materials. No task is too large as they can handle it all. We are with you through this process; every step of the way.

Come to Herb's Carpet and Tile for the best service and results in Fremont. We install it all - from carpet and tile to hardwood and laminate.

  • Consultations at home. Herb's Carpet and Tile understands you have a busy schedule. It's tough to balance, work, family and remodeling projects. Trying to rush around and get to an appointment before a store closes is not fun, so that's why we come to you. With Herb's Carpet and Tile it is all about convenience for our customers. That's why we offer in-home consultations to residents in and around the Fremont, Newaygo and Holton areas. By doing this we get to know you and see your home. This makes the entire process much easier. Every house is different. Everyone's style is a bit different. And every remodeling project is different. When we come to your home, you'll get a peace of mind because you will have a chance to get to know our team too. We will also be able to recommend any future maintenance to your new floors, to ensure you get the most out of them. This time together will also allow you time to also ask us questions and request more information about our business or the product(s) that you have selected.

  • Flooring inspections. You deserve the highest quality results. That begins and ends with a grade-A inspection of your floors before and after installation. The team at Herb's Carpet and Tile checks the quality of the flooring materials used, the subfloor, padding and overall condition of the room before the job is started. This gives us an opportunity to make a custom plan of action for you and your project. If anything needs to be repaired or replaced before the installation process. If this step is skipped, you could have issues with your new flooring in the future and that's not what we want. After the installation is complete, our installers do another thorough inspection before leaving. No one wants or deserves a sub-par installation. Some companies might finish the remodeling project and not reach out afterwards to see how things are going - but that is not the way. Which leads us to...

  • Ongoing customer support. When you need assistance, reaching out to one of Herb's Carpet and Tile's flooring professionals is easy. We make it easy to reach us - either by phone at (231) 225-9511 or email at
Call Herb's Carpet and Tile today for a quote or to request an in-home consultation. Our installation service is above our competition -- as we pride ourselves on your satisfaction. From tile to carpet and laminate to vinyl, we can do it all. We look forward to working with you on your remodeling projects in the future. Residents in the Fremont, Newaygo and Holton communities can call us at (231) 225-9511 to get this process going.