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Luxury vinyl flooring from Herb's Carpet & Tile

We’re strong believers in the idea that everything in your home should be high-quality and exactly as you want it, but at affordable costs—which is why Herb’s Carpet & Tile is proud to offer a wide selection of luxury vinyl flooring for your floor covering needs. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is an excellent affordable and low-maintenance alternative to lots of flooring options. If you’re in or near Freemont, Hesperia, Newaygo, or White Cloud and would like to transform your home with luxury vinyl tile, choose Herb’s Carpet & Tile—because in the end, it’s worth talking to the experts.

Luxury vinyl tile opens the door to endless possibilities

Have you ever really wanted a type of flooring but didn’t go for it either because the cost was too expensive, the maintenance was too taxing, or some other unfortunate reason? Luxury vinyl tiling solves all of these problems. It can be designed to nearly perfectly mimic a myriad of materials. Whether you want the solid look of dark wooden planks underfoot or the cool stylish patterns of stone, luxury vinyl tile can deliver. Its composition also makes it simple to clean—no more backbreaking scrubbing or trying in vain to get ground dirt out. LVT is an easy to care for and a low upkeep material that lasts for a long time, thus making it a gorgeous and worthwhile investment for your home.

Herb’s Carpet & Tile offers this revolutionary product in a wide selection of styles, colors and designs. If you’d like to see in person, please come visit us at our show room in Freemont, MI and we’d be happy to offer you assistance in anyway we can. Otherwise, feel free to make use of our streamlined online shopping experience—you can sort by look, brand, color tone, style name, and more. We’re available to contact by the phone, so if you should have any questions, please feel free to call.

Above all, we’re dedicated to delivering quality products at low prices. Choose Herb’s Carpet & Tile for your luxury vinyl tile needs to renew your home with a durable, affordable and gorgeous product that leaves your house looking the way you want it to.

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